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Fractional CMO Services

for B2B startup and early stage
cybersecurity and networking companies.

You've launched your company.

You (may) have a minimum viable product.

Maybe even your first few customers.

But what if...

  • Your problem / pain / solution story is cryptic?

  • Your ideal customer profile is a mystery?

  • Your positioning is 'me too'?

  • Your messaging is jumbled?

  • Your website attracts the wrong traffic?

  • Your content is not telling your story?

Revenue will stall...

  • Poor brand and solution awareness

  • Weak visitor to lead conversion

  • Sluggish lead to sales conversion

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Mile1 Marketing Can Help

We specialize in positioning, messaging and content creation.

But as a fractional CMO, we can operate broadly.

The result?

Brand awareness. Revenue growth. Lower customer acquisition cost.

Customer Reviews

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David Cauthron, CEO

“Cloud-native container architectures at scale is a technically-complex topic. We needed a story that could convey the essence of the market, problem, and pain - as well as our solution, differentiation, and value. Mile1 Marketing crafted a new pitch deck with a crisp narrative and visual appeal – including a succinct tag line – in record time!”

Pedram Amini, CTO

"As a technical founding team, we invested years on product development but only minutes on marketing. When looking to cross the chasm it became clear we needed to play catch-up on positioning, messaging and overall go-to-market execution. We found a cheat code with Mile1 Marketing. Neal helped us close that gap fast."

Roark Pollack, CMO


“Back at Ziften, we had an aggressive go-to-market charter but constrained headcount and schedule. Mile1 Marketing fast-tracked a white paper, infographic, e-book, and multi-step lead nurture campaign. Meaningful content takes more than just writing skill. It takes business and marketing acumen. Mile 1 brings it.”

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Let's talk about you.

What is your business? What are your needs? How we might help?  
Send us a message. 

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